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Mayola the Medicine Woman

click to hear a song Mayola would enjoy! Scorpion

Most Powerful Medicine Woman: Mayola
who was beautiful inside and out.
She was one of those people that
you hope what she's got rubs off.


Place: Outside of Philadelphia prior
to the War of 1812.


Enemy: Brother Elizer and a few others.
Here's a poem of relevance!

 Sasha had other issues to deal with. Thank goodness  her daughter Yvonne helped.


Relationships: Grandmother to Lucien and the mother to Yvonne. Her pet black bear saved lives.


Physique : A beautiful, long-haired woman. What Attraction did she possess? She had lots of sex appeal and many magnificent powers. Questions to ask: Was Mayola’s stalker real or was she imagining things? Another question to ask: Would Dominique survive all the attacks on his life?

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